My thoughts on SNOW (not a lot)

I just want to note that yesterday’s snow looked beautiful sparkling in the moonlight, and glittered like diamonds in the sunlight today — I do like marveling at the individual flakes that you can make out when looking closely. However, that’s where the fascination with the stuff ends.

As beautiful as the freshly fallen fluff is, if I never had to see it again for the rest of my life, it would be no loss to me. I hate driving in it, slipping on it, and cleaning the melted mess off of my kitchen floor. And as an educator, I do not enjoy snow days either, not that I don’t like sleeping in. But I would much rather go to school and get my work done than have to spend the morning clearing the driveway, only to go in the next day with an aching back, and having to make up the day in June. Nope. It’s as simple as this: I really HATE SNOW.


Optimum Online Rips Us Off Again!

Just checked my cable/internet/phone bill and there’s a message saying they’re increasing the charge for internet (Optimum Online) $5.00, making it $50.00 now. The reason for the rate increase: “an extensive network upgrade to deliver on average more than 100% of the speeds we advertise.” And also, “the continuing expansion of free WiFi provided by Optimum hotspots to help you avoid paying expensive data charges on wireless devices.”

Okay, so I’m paying for the network upgrade. Shouldn’t Optimum upgrade their network in order to stay competitive and prevent customers from switching to FIOS? And if that is the case, the last thing they should be doing is charging the customers that they don’t want to lose in the first place. Oh and those hotspots? They’re supposed to a FREE perk for Optimum customers. It says so right on the very same bill that I was allowed to view only AFTER viewing the message about the rate increase. Right next to the $50 charge for Optimum Online it says, “includes free WiFi.” How can you charge money for something that is FREE? Now they want to charge every customer an additional $5 for these hotspots, even if they’re never used? First of all, I already pay a fixed rate of $50.00 for a Verizon data plan, which is more secure and reliable than Optimum’s hotspots, and I never even come close to using the 5 GB that I have to pay for anyway. $5 for every customer — that translates into millions of dollars in pure profits for this rip-off cable provider. They are always looking for ways to jack up their rates and the excuses are feeble.•

No excuses now

My last post was almost exactly a year ago. It started out with the statement About how I was going to start tending to my blog again. That turned out well, didn’t it? It’s not that I have not had anything to say all year. It’s just that I have not had a convenient way to say it. You see, I’m always thinking about things — while I’m driving, washing the dishes, feeding the dogs, whatever — my thoughts could be brilliant blog posts. But if I’m not in front of a computer, well, they just aren’t going to be recorded.

But now, now I have something new to help me blog more frequently.
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The Most Unique Blog Title (is not mine)

It’s a new year and I’ve decided to go back to tending my blog after a very long hiatus.  I was telling someone at work about it and told him he could just google the phrase “everyone is entitled to my opinion” — then I decided to google it myself to make sure it came up in the search results.  Well, it did, and on the first page too, but not at the top.  It looks like there are several other bloggers out there sharing the title, “Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion.”  So I guess everyone is entitled to my opinion and my title.  What’s more, I am not the only Lindarella on the internet.  Google it and you’ll see.  Apparently everyone is entitled to my name too!  I’m not greedy, but I’ve got to draw a line somewhere.  Therefore, I am declaring my dog’s name off limits.  At the moment, there is only ONE “Candy Mona Lisa La Puppaluppas” in the entire universe.  Google it and you’ll see — cute videos.  So to all of you dog owners (or cat, or lizard, or squirrel, whatever) out there, don’t even think about borrowing that name for your pet, or I’ll sic a pack of Dobermans on your butt!

Clever, but stupid spam.

I was going through the contents of my spam comments (those that were automatically filtered) in order to see if there were any comments that were not spam, when I found the following lengthy, but hilarious message:

(Scroll down to read the rest of my post…) 

“Statistics compass shown that instances of teen drug addiction escape in continued chains from parents to children. This is why like now is the day to either cleft the chain of teen drug addiction or mark it from forming. No proportions of dense work, money, renunciation is payment another than breaking a chain of substance abuse or preventing one from forming.

“For some, the vicious cycle of teen drug abuse begins at familiar when they are influenced by the addictive behaviors their parents exhibit. For example, children of alcoholics (COAs) are a party of individuals who suffer the plight of their parents’ alcoholism.

“As a teenager, the likelihood of exposing to drugs and alcohol is genuine high, and there is a congenial chance that you testament effort drugs and alcohol.

“Much though you impart yourself that you will lone [url=]buy tramadol[/url] slap drugs once, you engage in it one aggrandized time, and then one deeper future after that, and before you discriminate it you are developing a drug problem. One of the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse is addiction. Most teens don’t envisage that they will mature addicted, and simply benefit drug and alcohol to own a bad time.

“However, the deed of addiction to drugs and alcohol can conclusion in some appealing undesirable consequences, such as loss of friendships, health problems, behavioral problems, alienation of family, and a loss of care in sports, academics, hobbies, etc. Substance abuse and addiction can emphatically modify behavior, and a latest preoccupation with drugs can assemblage absent activities that were formerly important, adore sports or academics.

“End this is a discreet and non-invasive way. Always enshrine that teenagers can be fully protective of their privacy. Instead of asking your babe about his or her friends, launch a barbeque organization and interrogate your baby to invite some of his or her friends.

“Inviting your kid”s friends over to the apartment is the ace conduct to shop for to apprehend them better. You may further embolden the kids to hang environing the co-op every instantly and then so that you can inspect them without truly appearing as well nosy or something. Duration busy in some worthwhile activities can cure grip your girl elsewhere from drug addiction.

“more on

Okay, that’s it.  NOW — you might be asking why did I reproduce this crap in my own blog entry in the first place.  Well, I did change the two links that would have taken you to the spammer’s site — I replaced the drug name with a description of the drug in the link in the fourth paragraph, and I replaced the text in the URL above with another descriptive, but bogus address.  I certainly wasn’t going to send any business their way.  But the rest of the comment is unretouched. Continue reading

Hey! I got my dashboard back!

Are you wondering why I haven’t posted in so long?  Well, for one thing, I got busy when I went back to work.  No, it wasn’t writer’s block.  In fact, I’ve had quite a bit to say about many things, but no time to write.  Then there were technical problems.  Many times, I couldn’t even log in — I don’t know why.  Last week, I asked to reset my password.  Then I was able to log in, but there was no dashboard.  I did some research and apparently, others have had the same problem.  I was thinking about installing another browser (I use IE 7), but then I just got aggravated and decided against it.  I had been getting emails letting me know I have comments to moderate, and tonight I decided to try once more.  Presto!  My dashboard is back.  And so am I.  At least for now.

The Stinky Maytag Club

Maytag stinks, for real!  My very first blog entry was inspired by a problem with a Maytag appliance and the rip-off service call that followed.  Someone commented on this entry that he had had problems with his Maytag washer — it stank!  (Or should that be ‘stunk’?)   It made his clothes and linens stink and he couldn’t get rid of the smell no matter what he did.

My Maytag dishwasher stinks.  At first I thought it was just smelly because the dishes were dirty, Continue reading