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What’s your Emotional Intelligence Quotient?

Someone commented on my advice page, “Why is EQ on your list?”  I didn’t know what EQ was initially, but I suspected it was a reference to Emotional Intelligence, which if you reduce to just its initials, is EI.  Now, I’ve heard the term Intelligence Quotient (IQ) mentioned more than a few times, but this is not the same thing at all.  As it turns out, EQ stands for Emotional Quotient, which I guess you could say is your score on the emotional intelligence scale.  But to answer the questioner’s query, Emotional Intelligence is on my list because I think it’s worth talking about, and obviously, not enough people know enough about it — yet.

I’ve read some books though.  Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ  is an excellent introduction to the topic.  Goleman explains how our emotions and our intellect, operating both simultaneously, but independently of each other, can get us into trouble.  Mastering the aptitudes that comprise emotional intelligence (e.g., self-awareness, impulse control, empathy, etc.) can help us to live successfully — who wouldn’t want that?  Goleman describes how these aptitudes impact our lives, especially in terms of our relationships, our careers, and our health.  Just as your IQ can be increased through specific activities, your EQ can be raised by focused study and practice.

Harry Potter Withdrawal


“Withdrawal, also known as withdrawal syndrome, refers to the characteristic signs and symptoms that appear when a drug that causes physical dependence is regularly used for a long time and then suddenly discontinued or decreased in dosage. The term can also, less formally, refer to symptoms that appear after discontinuing a drug or other substance (unable to cause true physical dependence) that one has become psychologically dependent upon.”  (Wikipedia)

Would someone like to edit this Wikipedia entry to include symptoms that appear after finishing the final Harry Potter book?  My last entry focused on blogging addiction, but this is something else entirely.  The Sultan set aside his entire weekend to listen to the HP audiobook (17 CDs).  He holed himself up in his office with his laptop CD player until late Saturday night, slept briefly, and then got up Sunday to do more of the same, without watching “Meet the Press” (without any TV at all, which is unbelievable in itself), without talking on the phone, without eating, except for a few bowls of cereal, and most amazingly, without pestering me every few minutes with the number of views on his blog.  Thank God he finished the novel (approximately 22 hours total listening) by Sunday night though or he would not have made it to work on Monday! Continue reading