No excuses now

My last post was almost exactly a year ago. It started out with the statement About how I was going to start tending to my blog again. That turned out well, didn’t it? It’s not that I have not had anything to say all year. It’s just that I have not had a convenient way to say it. You see, I’m always thinking about things — while I’m driving, washing the dishes, feeding the dogs, whatever — my thoughts could be brilliant blog posts. But if I’m not in front of a computer, well, they just aren’t going to be recorded.

But now, now I have something new to help me blog more frequently.

It’s a tablet. A 7 inch samsung galaxy tablet. I’ve been using it for a little over a year now. My biggest frustration with using is tablet has been entering text. There are other issues such as posting photos and videos to facebook, not being able to drag objects on the screen into position, and I really hate using mobile sites. But the neat thing about my little tablet is that it has a voice recognition program. I have been experimenting with that for a little while and I’m finding that it could help me to write more. I am writing this post with it now. I’m also using for the first time ever the word press mobile app for Android.

So now, I am making a new years resolution once again. I’m going to blog regularly from my tablet, and if the voice recognition text entering program causes errors, if it is not too inconvenient to correct them, I will. But I can always go back on my laptop or desktop when I have the time and revise the posts that I dictated while the thoughts were running through my mind. It’s a little bit awkward doing it this way, but I will… I will, um, here I’m stopping to think of a word, okay, carry on, I will carry on. I have to dictate commas and periods and speak very slowly and clearly. Once in awhile, I will get out my little Bluetooth keyboard and use that as well. But 1 thing I will never do it is blog while driving. Distracted driving is a huge issue with me because I was hit by a distracted driver and permanently injured 5 years ago. And before I go off on a rant, I will say look for my next blog post to be about this very topic. Happy New Year, world, and I’ll see you around.

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