The Stinky Maytag Club

Maytag stinks, for real!  My very first blog entry was inspired by a problem with a Maytag appliance and the rip-off service call that followed.  Someone commented on this entry that he had had problems with his Maytag washer — it stank!  (Or should that be ‘stunk’?)   It made his clothes and linens stink and he couldn’t get rid of the smell no matter what he did.

My Maytag dishwasher stinks.  At first I thought it was just smelly because the dishes were dirty, but then it would smell right after they were washed too.  The dishes were clean — it wasn’t the same odor as dirty dishes, I can’t even describe it, but it permeated the inside of the appliance, tranforming it into a big smelly cavern that you wouldn’t enjoy sticking your head into.  My strategy for dealing with this has evolved into leaving the dishwasher door open slightly after it’s finished its cycle, and then leaving the room.  Later, when the dishes have cooled and the smell has gone, I put them away.  They’re mostly glass, ceramic, stainless steel, or hard plastic, and they don’t absorb the odor.  I do hate unloading the dishwasher anyway, so this is a good excuse for procrastinating.

So it seems I have a stinky Maytag too.  The funny thing is though, whenever I check my blog stats, there are always searches on smelly Maytag appliances that lead viewers to my blog — apparently people are struggling with this problem more than you would expect.  They are turning to the search engines with phrases such as “towels smell in Maytag Neptune washer” — and it is almost every day someone is searching on this.  Maybe it’s all the same guy who commented on my first entry.  Of course, that was a while ago — he wouldn’t still be looking for information on this, would he?  He’s probably already taken a sledge hammer to that washer by now!

I wonder if there are websites out there totally devoted to the topic of Maytag appliances that stink.  Probably…but I am not going to bother searching for them.  It should be common knowledge by now:  Maytag stinks!

35 responses to “The Stinky Maytag Club

  1. Maytag and their subcontactors who fix May tag appliances all stink. My 2 year old fridge has been broken for over a month and the repair person finally came to fix it today and guess what ? The fridge still doesn’t work after he changed the compressor that was supposedly the cause of the problem. No more Maytag appliances for me.

  2. Fortunately, I dont have a stinky washer. I do however have a washer, dryer, and a gas stove, all from Maytag. I have owned them three years, and have had repairs on all three. My washer needed a water pump, my dryer needed some “small” parts, and my stove just went on the fritz today. I’m so anti Maytag right now I could scream. Is there a company out there that can make an appliance that can really last like grandma used to have? NO! These companies outsource the labor and the parts (most likely made in China) and build extremely poor products. I had the same problem with GE, and thought Maytag was the answer. WRONG! I dont think it matters how much you spend. You will only be paying more for the same poor quality product. I’m sure there’s many unhappy Maytag owners out there. The only thing we can do is get the word out there to everyone we know (or dont know) and let them know to steer clear of their junk.

  3. I too am having a “stinky Neptune Maytag washing machine”. I have tried Affresh (the product developed by Maytag/Whirlpool), running the machine without clothing three times in a row. I have used bleach, vinegar and baking soda with absolutely no results. I am either destined to stinky clothes or will need to find a new machine. But will I just be throwing my money away on another “new stinky washer”? Does anyone have a solution??? I am desperate because my whole house is beginning to reek!!!! And don’t suggest the laundermats—they are no better!

  4. We just moved into a new apartment, which is amazing, with one very stinky exception! The owner’s Maytag Neptune stacked washer/dryer STINKS, and when the door is left open, it stinks up the entire apartment!

    We asked the owner about it, and he said to just leave the door open to let the washer air out, as if 2 gallons of moldy water stuck in the bottom of the washer will dry out overnight!

    Does anyone know how to fix the stinky Maytag Neptune washer? thanks!

  5. Add me to this list of people searching for maytag stank. Our towels always stink. I’m amazed at the results of the search. Other people are struggling too. But how do we fix it!!!!!

  6. I too am totally disapointed with Maytag’s move out of the US to China and the resulting quality disaster on all appliance quality as well as Maytag’s continued denial of any issues, with the exception of a class action lawsuit that we were never made aware of and expired in 2005. My stinky towels and unclean clothes make me sick after the extra $ I shelled out to go “top of the line”.

    Possible solution: I bet a drain line can be attached in order to let the water out of the drum after use. If you could do this, the bleach wash should work. I cannot afford to dump this piece of crap right now, so I am going to see if I can hook up a drain line.

  7. I too have a stinky Maytag Washing machine. My machine had appearanlty been a part of a class action suit; however, I was NEVER MADE AWARE OF THIS! Now according to all the lawyers, Maytag, et al I have no recourse at all due to it’s expiration. So I am screwed. Thanks Maytag (Whirlpool now actually), from now I will let everyone I know to stay clear of your garbage products.

  8. Well, another comment with another STINKY Maytag Neptune washer (yes, I found your site from Google)…. my towels stink, my gym clothes stink, my bed sheets stink… it just plain stinks. I had the class action suit service done, but all that did was to attach a drain to the underside of gray rubber ring around wash tub to insulate the tub from the door – it does NOT solve the problem of water that sits somewhere in the washing machine reservoir after the wash cycle is complete – which I’m sure is where the awful mold smell in ALL of my wash is coming from. Oh by the way, the way, the class action suit service I had done is now leaking and all of the insulation behind the front of the washer is soaked. I absolutely HATE Maytag!

  9. Struggling with smelly dishes. We have a Maytag (Jenn Air) stainless steel dishwasher that frequently leaves our dishes smelling stinky — like rotten swamp water. It’s awful–supposedly they are sanitized, but it is very upsetting. I’ve been trying different soaps and will start using a “rinse aid” on my next load.

    I have a Maytag Neptune (third generation, I believe) — and am spared the stinky clothes.

    • Hello I was struggling with the same problem and thought I would share what we found to be the answer. Our dishwasher was smelling all the time. Worse as the dirty dishes set inside. I tried all the items suggested with only temporary results. Then I remembered that during our new house inspection he had said something about a hose under the sink. I got out the report and sure enough he had noted that the hose from the garbage dispoisal to the dishwasher needed to loop up 6 in higher than the bottom of the sink creating a trap. Could the smell be coming from the disposal? My husband pulled out the dishwasher was able to find enough hose to do this and wow no more smell! I guess they use to have a metal vent on top of the sinks for this but have gotten away from this for looks sake. Hope you find this helps! It fixed ours!

  10. I am a realtor in S.F. I manage apartments, condos.

    I totally concur… Maytag quality is total shit.
    They break down too soon. They don’t have the parts, for, even, 4 year old refrigerators.

    There should be some federal standards at play here…. Fat chance.

    Of course, the old Maytag was great, and then was bought by some scum bag outfit, that is buying all the old brands.

    God damn the new owners to hell.
    j.b. in SF

  11. So I hear on the radio that Maytag has refrigerators that are starting on fire, and that they are recalling these products. As described in the notice, I went to their website and sure enough there is the recall for which I then verify (through Model and S/N) my appliance is included. I call the number they posted on the site 866-533-9817, for which I then placed in automated phone forwarding hell. I can not get through to a person to schedule the required service (their system says they are not able to process the request at this time). I call, call, call, and call some more over then next several days, only to be sent through the same BS each time.

    OK, so I call the Maytag service number from the main site, and talk to a real person. This customer service representative (although pleasant while she does it) tells me she can not help even through she has verified that my unit is affected by the recall. Her answer to the situation is that I have to continue to try calling a number that is not working. What a crock!!! They know if a problem that might cause my appliance to catch fire, and they do not respond after I take the time to do everything I can to get through.

    So just for the record; if my refrigerator does catch fire after they confirmed that my unit was affected by their defective part, then I will own the company by the time I am done suing them. Further I assure everyone that once I am in charge, this type of service will not be tolerated and customer service will change for the better.

  12. I have been nagging and nagging my soons about their smelly room. I have been thinking it was teh new Tide brand soap that advertises the 7 signs of better laundry. Last night I noticed my crappy dishwasher smells the same way: sort of sweet, but not a good sweet, very annoying. My allergies drive me crazy, and I have multi-colored snot all the time. my kids have sinus infections all the tome, and my youngest is developing allergies. I wonder if these piece o crap appliances are infested with mold…my house is only 1400 sq ft having 3 Maytag appliances in the house could really contribute. Our refrigerator just dies in April; it was only 4 years old. I actually bought Maytag because my family had been in the “white goods” repair industry for 50 years, and they revered Maytag as the best that’s why I purchased their product. Now I wonder. Thank you for posting this blog.

  13. I have bought a new Amana dryer within the last year and all the clothes come out smelling “moldy” and not fresh. The clothes smell great out of the washer and then when they come out of the dryer it’s disgusting….Any help or comments?? Is anyone else having this problem???

  14. I too have a smelly Neptune front-loading washer, 1st generation, I think. It doesn’t stink all the time, but when it does, it smells like rotten eggs. Bleach loads don’t help. I don’t buy the explanation of water “collecting” somewhere- shouldn’t that water get flushed out with each load?

    As for service, I’ve been happy with Maytag. They replaced the circuit board at no charge – that might have been due to the class-action lawsuit. Another time the ring around the opening ripped, but that was due to something in the wash damaging it.

  15. This machine has been nothing but trouble since day one. The dealer just laughed and said call Maytag. It would spin so fast it would throw water over the outer tub that ran down on the floor. When I asked the Maytag woman what if my wife wasen’t there to shut it off and the water ruined the floor and went into the basement a ruined the cealing and floor there too.
    She just said “oh, your homeowners insurance will cover that”
    Now this stink thing and Maytag thinks they should be paid to take care of it.
    It will be a cold day in hell before anything made by Maytag comes in this house again.

  16. I have the answer get rid of all this electronic junk and get an old one that don’t have $200 boards in them that blow with a small voltage surge. Or a wax motor switch which is stupid that will blow your board if it fails. What’s wrong with useing a regular old switch that last a lot longer way cheaper and don’t blow the board. This stuff is getting nuts.

  17. You know I am so mad I could dump this washer on Maytag’s doorstep. Built strong to last who are you kidding. This washer has not worked since I bought it. The service man has been here six times already and I still have no washer to wash my clothes. I will never ever buy another Maytag and I certainly will tell all my friends and the world about your product and service and reliability. First, it had to have a whole new transmission put into it. Now Im sure it is the electrical circuitry system, because it does nothing it is supposed to do when you set it for washing. That is all goofed up. Tell me who puts your products together. Do they read English. I remember your commercial a long time ago that said the loneliest service man was a Maytag serviceman. Well, that certainly has changed hasnt it? You get no satisfaction from Maytag or for that matter the place where I bought it, Menards. We wanted to take it back and they wouldn’t take it back and you just tell the people to get a service technician. Tell me is there no more pride in companies. Does anyone in the world care. I am totally disgusted with this washer.

  18. My washer stinks too and it’s driving me nuts. The problem is that I live in a small town and the local repair man is really unreliable. We paid a lot of money for the washer and dryer hoping it would last us for 20+ years. It hasn’t even been 10. What a disappointment!

  19. I have a Jenn-Air dishwasher with stainless interior. It’s smells because it’s designed with filters that trap food debris in the bottom tray beneath the bottom sprayer that spins. If you use a screw driver with a star head (a special tool but cheap to buy at the hardware store) and unscrew all the screws, remove the first layer of the bottom tray you will be aghast by all the slimey buildup you will find. Please note, I do pre-reinse all my dishes before putting them into this dishwasher. I’m disgusted with this dishwasher and the next time it smells I’ll be tempted to make a video of it’s poor design and the immense slime build and send it to Maytag via Youtube.


  21. Hi guys n gals, Just looking at the Amana dishwasher seen here and not one of them says anything if any of them have a beeper that goes off when the washer is finished. Do Amana dishwashers have finishing alarms as the norm as the Siemens that is in our house now had one and we have got used to having this. Cheers

  22. Hello! I have saved your website because you have so nice posts here and I would like to read some more.

    • I am suspicious of comments that say your blog is so nice but don’t say anything specific about any of the posts. Then when there is a link following this comment, especially a link to an innocuous site like , it really makes me wonder what the commenter is up to.

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  24. same issue here –awful smell coming from a brand new Maytag dishwasher-so sorry we didn’t reseach further-going back to store to tell salesman

  25. I just found your post. I got a Maytag dishwasher and I called the company to complain about the odor. They sent a repair man out who told he his smelled bad too and I should put ground up charcoal in the disposal. (????) I did and it smelled awful. I can’t stand my Maytag dishwasher. I read Consumer Reports and picked the one recommended.. It doesn’t clean worth a darn and is bad, bad, bad! Wish I had found your blog before. Thanks.

  26. I too had a Maytag dishwasher that smelled like a SWAMP. No matter what. After 1st use. Repair man said I needed to run it empty once a week to clean it, AND I had to run the hot water before running the dishwasher.REALLY????? The darn thing was 2 weeks old! Took it back to Home Depot and got an absolutely Fabulous LG. Heats its own water ,has a garbage disposal and NEVER stinks. I do not clean it once a week either. ALSO…I have a New MAYTAG Side by side fridge with ice-maker and water on door…IT STINKS!!!!! I have cleaned and scrubbed inside and out. It smells like a dead rodent! Also,there is a 4 inch gap behind all the shelves and all the yogurts and small stuff falls in the back. NEVER AGAIN! I will NEVER BUY MAYTAG! Apparently they have some problems in QUALITY!

  27. I have a stinking Maytag dishwasher too. We live in a small town and like to shop locally, so needless to say we are stuck with this thing since all his dishwashers are made by Maytag. He does not understand how it could stink. I have been complaining about it since we got it. I called Maytag … they sent a repair man….. no help at all. Maytag will NEVER be in my house again.

  28. It’s almost brand new, maybe less than a year, but our Maytag dishwasher is so rotten smelling, I don’t know what to do about it! Sure, I can go thru the rituals and expense of the service calls, special washes, vinegar rinses, etc. … all highlighted by crossed fingers, but I bet the end result will be the same. I may go back to Home Depot where it was purchased and DEMAND the store take it back with a monetary return. Chances are the store won’t reciprocate giving me a ton of excuses. I refuse, however, to have to put up with the aroma. …yeah, sure…

  29. You nailed it. I found your blog by searching “maytag dishwasher smells bad.” Only I had hoped that you might have found the ultimate cause of the stank, which is why I read your blog. I think my issue might be related to the fact that the heating element broke in mine, so maybe things aren’t getting hot enough in there to sanitize and get rid of the goo that seems to be accumulating in the bottom of the dishwasher. I ordered the part and I’ll be attempting a DIY fix as soon as it arrives. Wish me luck!

  30. lack of phosphate in the dishwasher soap and probably washing machine soap as the stink is not limited to the dishwashers or to just maytag brand products as several of my friends have the same problems with their washing machines too! I could be wrong but there is a site called Janitor. ??? and they sell it commercially. They can sell to schools restaurants but not us folks is what it appears as the tree huggers got rid of it. Some states may allow a small amount of it in their products. Go green, moldy dish washer and moldy smelling clothes.

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  32. My new maytag dishwasher stinks too!

  33. Moved into a house with Maytag dishwasher. Loved it because it was so quiet, but hate it because it stinks. you load the dirty dishes close it, reopen it again to load and Bam you’re hit in the face with the stench and I almost wash my dishes before I put them in, I don’t leave food and scraps on it them. It stinks like spoiled food. I had a loud 19 year old Whirlpool, but it cleaned the dishes and I never had a problem with smells!

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