Upcoming Topics:

I’ve made a list of topics to write about.  These topics come from two categories:  observations about life in general (my life, of course) and observations about television.  Here are some examples from my list:

  • The bigger the purse, the more that gets stuffed into it:  How to keep your shoulders level.
  • New surprises in the laundry.
  • “So you’re 46, huh?”
  • A review of the literature on shaking hands — what literature?
  • On emotional intelligence.
  • Dangerous pets.
  • Oh, the irony of it all!
  • Why we love those pharmaceutical commercials on TV.
  • Does Steven Tyler really drive a Lexus?  Dream on!

Set your dial right here for these exciting essays and more!

7 responses to “Upcoming Topics:

  1. I should do this…make a list.

  2. I’m going to add this discussion of making lists to my list of things to discuss. hee hee

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