Writer’s Block

If you’ve been reading my earlier posts, you already know I’m living with a sports fanatic.  You should see how his face lights up when he’s telling one of his baseball stories or blabbing out statistics — he’s clearly into it.  But since I was getting tired of hearing it all, I turned him on to blogging so he could find a wider audience.  I didn’t realize I was creating a monster!

Two distinct traits of my sports nut’s personality make this possible.  They are a craving of competition (in any form possible)  since he’s not pitching anymore, and becoming obsessed with whatever he’s into at the time.  Last weekend, it was the new Harry Potter book, but I’m sure he had a lot of company there.

Now he’s back to blogging compulsively:  comparing his stats with mine, obsessing over checking “the score,” and making sure he blogs daily to keep his numbers up.  He expects me to do the same.

But me — I like things in moderation.  I like variety.  I would usually rather read a new book than re-read the one I have just finished.  So, I don’t feel compelled to blog daily, at least not at this point.  On some days, I have nothing to say, and it feels artificial to try to write a load of bull**** on a topic for which nobody cares about just to have a post for the day. 

 For instance, I am drafting this post late at night and I have Comedy Central on the TV as background noise.  And what noise it is!  The South Park movie, to be precise.  How am I supposed to come up with something worth reading when I am being distracted like this?  The only thing I can think of discussing is why I like “South Park” so much.

As I sit here, Kenny has just been killed in the operating room by an idiot surgeon who tells him, “I’m afraid we’ve replaced your heart with a baked potato,” and now he is on his way to Hell.  I like “South Park” because they lampoon everything to the extreme.  They are what I’ve termed “equal opportunity offenders.”  Still, it is a funny show because anyone who watches it knows, or should know, not to take any of it seriously.

That would be in contrast to “The Daily Show with John Stewart,” which some people actually rely on for the day’s news and information.  They really do take it seriously.  I know, I know.  How stupid can you get?!

Hmmm…I just realized I’ve been talking about some silly television shows, the very same load of bull**** that I referenced above with such disdain.  These are not the noble heights to which I aspire.  I really must work harder.  Think.  Think.  I can’t!  It’s too much pressure!  I’ve got writer’s block.

And it’s all HIS fault.

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