Ahh, to be young and creative…


Very creative poster spotted in the 2nd floor hallway of the Education Building at TCNJ.  Love the little froggies. Too bad a couple of letters in the word “Education” took a leap off the board.

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Silly Selfies


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Is it rude to sleep with your mouth full?

This is how pathetic I am:  Last night, it was late, really late, and I was tired. I had been planning on making a salad all day, but it always seems like such a lot of work, so I had been putting it off. At this point I thought I’d better do it before the lettuce went bad Continue reading

6 Ways to Find New Blog Ideas

I need 6 ways to find the time to blog.

Marty F. Nemec


“Content is king.”

That is a saying that holds true for the online operations for any industry, whether it is a blog or a social media platform. What makes a blog different is that a 140-character sentence or a single picture doesn’t cut it as a post. Since most blogs are focused a particular niche, industry or hobby, it limits the amounts of things a blogger can write about. I doubt I have to say it, but a marketing blog posting a review on “Despicable Me 2” would raise some eyebrows and probably open the exit door for some of the blog’s followers.

Readers also like regularly posted material, which is where the problems arise. Some bloggers post every other week, while others post every other day. No matter how often you post, you eventually will sit down at your desk and find no “great ideas” in your…

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The biggest ripoff at the beach is in the parking lot.


Just look carefully at this photo and tell me if I’m wrong…

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Things that make me happy: Jersey tomatoes and technology that works


I took this photo of the first ripe tomato from my garden using my new phone camera with the “cartoonify” effect. It makes it look like an illustration instead of a photo. (Nevertheless, it still looks delicious, doesn’t it?) I love my new phone. Its my first smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy Note II. And it really is smart. It lets me dictate text, and it gets it right most of the time, and when I use the keyboard, it even knows what words I want to type and presents them for me to choose,

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Weekly Writing Challenge: This is Chi. And I Hate Facebook.

this is why you should have a password on your computer.

The Lessons of Chi

Hi. This is Chi.

I took over Mom’s computer tonight for one reason. I am here to tell you that I hate Facebook.

Mommy sits on the computer all day and night. When she comes home, does she take time to snuggle her pug? NO. She gets on Facebook and talks to other pug people. And she writes about me. ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it’s embarrassing, like the time she pinned my picture to some strange French Bulldog’s wall. My belly was flashed all over the world in a millisecond! What about my puggy privacy!!!! And then there’s the thing that happened yesterday with some trollop named Anderson Pooper. I know the NSA has files on me now. I’m humiliated and I can never leave the house again!

And you know what’s the worst? She will get into fights with people she doesn’t know and will never meet. Mommy, if…

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My thoughts on SNOW (not a lot)

I just want to note that yesterday’s snow looked beautiful sparkling in the moonlight, and glittered like diamonds in the sunlight today — I do like marveling at the individual flakes that you can make out when looking closely. However, that’s where the fascination with the stuff ends.

As beautiful as the freshly fallen fluff is, if I never had to see it again for the rest of my life, it would be no loss to me. I hate driving in it, slipping on it, and cleaning the melted mess off of my kitchen floor. And as an educator, I do not enjoy snow days either, not that I don’t like sleeping in. But I would much rather go to school and get my work done than have to spend the morning clearing the driveway, only to go in the next day with an aching back, and having to make up the day in June. Nope. It’s as simple as this: I really HATE SNOW.

Optimum Online Rips Us Off Again!

Just checked my cable/internet/phone bill and there’s a message saying they’re increasing the charge for internet (Optimum Online) $5.00, making it $50.00 now. The reason for the rate increase: “an extensive network upgrade to deliver on average more than 100% of the speeds we advertise.” And also, “the continuing expansion of free WiFi provided by Optimum hotspots to help you avoid paying expensive data charges on wireless devices.”

Okay, so I’m paying for the network upgrade. Shouldn’t Optimum upgrade their network in order to stay competitive and prevent customers from switching to FIOS? And if that is the case, the last thing they should be doing is charging the customers that they don’t want to lose in the first place. Oh and those hotspots? They’re supposed to a FREE perk for Optimum customers. It says so right on the very same bill that I was allowed to view only AFTER viewing the message about the rate increase. Right next to the $50 charge for Optimum Online it says, “includes free WiFi.” How can you charge money for something that is FREE? Now they want to charge every customer an additional $5 for these hotspots, even if they’re never used? First of all, I already pay a fixed rate of $50.00 for a Verizon data plan, which is more secure and reliable than Optimum’s hotspots, and I never even come close to using the 5 GB that I have to pay for anyway. $5 for every customer — that translates into millions of dollars in pure profits for this rip-off cable provider. They are always looking for ways to jack up their rates and the excuses are feeble.•

No excuses now

My last post was almost exactly a year ago. It started out with the statement About how I was going to start tending to my blog again. That turned out well, didn’t it? It’s not that I have not had anything to say all year. It’s just that I have not had a convenient way to say it. You see, I’m always thinking about things — while I’m driving, washing the dishes, feeding the dogs, whatever — my thoughts could be brilliant blog posts. But if I’m not in front of a computer, well, they just aren’t going to be recorded.

But now, now I have something new to help me blog more frequently.
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